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When building relationships to help you sale Real Estate,

remember the keys to Success.



1- Continue constant contact on a weekly basis

2-Know what budget and area there looking to buy in

3.Send text messages on a daily basis on the properties they might be interested in

4-Never argue with your buyers and put them first

5-Build an email list and send a daily flyer of the properties on your site

6-Call them at least once a week so you can build a relationship with them

7-Keep track of all your buyers and specific criteria of what there looking to buy

8-Build pages and advertise in Craiglist-facebook-Instagram -linkedin-twitter

On Craiglist advertise under FOR SALE BUY OWNER

9-Try to make 50 calls a day 

9-Post your deals on Craiglist Monday-Wednesday-Friday





Hi my name is John Doe I'm Calling from Monster Auction Real Estate,  I like to know if your still buying Real Estate.

Great  ,what area are you interested  to buy in and what's your budget. Ok, I text you the deals shortly.

And I work daily sending you deals till we find the one you like to buy.



1-open an account www.craiglist.com

2-Log in and go -new posting in:   

3- Click on the county the home in to advertise in choose the location that fits best

4-Click on: housing offered

5-Click on real estate - by owner

6- fill the form and start posting