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Partner:  Andy 

I am really thankful for Geovanni Molina to help me  get into the Real Estate business

and learn how to sale Real Estate ,it has changed my life forever.I remember when 

I just thought of how I was going to pay my bills.But know I control my future .

Thank you Geovanni 




Partner: Thais

Oh my God ,I don't know where to even start.I was living in a trailer home ,doing 

karaoke shows at night just to make ends meat ,driving a junk car.And know I bought 

a new car ,live in a great home and never have to rely on a job again.

Thank You Geovanni 



Partner: John

Well my story is kind of crazy ,I met Geovanni at a home he was selling and I was kind of negative

but he persisted to tell me that Real Estate would change my mind ,well I finally listened 

and it was the best decision I have ever made.We been working together for over 

10 years and I made a lot of money with him.

Thank You Geovanni