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Monster Auction RealEstate  can help you start making money today.It has never been so easy to start selling real estate as a wholesaler and get paid on each deal you sale without having the burden of investing thousands of dollars .Seems to good to be true, but it is and without any risk on your behalf.We understand that most people just don't get the brake they need and it's just a struggle to make ends meet every month.or do not have the education or resources available.And let's get real,WHO'S GOING TO LEND YOU MONEY.The truth is no one cares, but we do!!!

We don't ask for much, but your passion, hard work, and desire to win in life.You probably asking yourself right know, what's the catch, well the catch is you.You see if you market our deals through websites like Craiglist ,Facebook Etc, we make money too.

So let me explain how this works.We build you a website and service it on a weekly basis, so you have the latest list of properties for sale.We also have increased your sale price on each deal, so you do not have to mark it up, your contact information will only be on the site.

When a buyer calls you on a deal you are marketing, you will have a direct email to our customer service hotline that will help you get the lock box information; Draw up the contract and forward you wiring instructions and title company that will be handling  the closing.

When you sale a property you will receive a joint venture agreement that will state how much you will make on the transaction.

When you are ready to sign up; we  will have a contract sent to you;.we will be charging you a monthly fee of $99.00; And Initial fee of $699.00 for building your website.Your monthly fee will cover the labor needed to update your site on Monday-Wednesday and Friday , also cover drawing up all contracts and closing documents needed for you to sale the homes .(Servicing Fee) .There is no refunds what so ever after we start building your website, usually it will take 7 to 14  days to complete your site.If you don't pay  your servicing fees each month, your website will no longer be active or updated with new deals each week.You can cancel at  anytime, by just sending us and email 30 days prior to your billing date.









            Servicing Fee waived